Paranormal Investigation & Consulting

We take you seriously. Listening to your story is our priority. Helping you understand your experience is our primary goal.
Serving Arizona since 2004
01. Understand Your Experience

We take you seriously. Listening to your story is our priority. Understanding your experience is the essential first step.

Sometimes a single conversation is all that is needed to answer your questions. Every consultation is 100% free and confidential.

02. Investigate Your Experience

Not every situation needs an investigation. Our investigators observe and survey all factors that may help explain your experience.

Most investigations are completed in a few hours. However, some situations require multiple visits over a period of weeks.

03. Analyze & Consider The Possibilities

Critical thinking and objective data drives our analysis. We identify patterns in the data and witness reports to classify your situation.

Using over 100 years of published parapsychology research as a guide, we objectively interpret the facts of your situation.

04. Confidentially Report Our Findings

We are here to help. Our report will explain the result of our investigation and analysis. Copies of any evidence is yours to keep.

Our goal is to remove any fear and stress, but if your experiences continue to cause a concern we can refer you to additional resources.

Paranormal Investigation And Consulting Services

We are here to help by providing answers to your paranormal experiences.
Our Experienced Team Understands Your Concerns.
We Provide Paranormal Consulting, Investigators, And Referrals.
Not every case needs an investigation. Our goal is to help you indentify natural explanations for your experiences.
When all natural explanations have been eliminated, we can provide a basic understanding of how paranormal phenomena might be manifesting.
If you want to talk to someone that you can trust to keep your situation confidential, you have come to the right place.
Our services are 100% free of charge.


Calls are welcome, but text messages or emails are preferred.

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